Entry: My little brother makes a point 12.2.2003

in a blog written by my little brother:

Gay Marriage: Its Their Right, So Fuck Off

Recently, gay marriage has been legalized in another state in the US. This has raised countless protests from religious nuts and homophobes.  They make giant signs like "Gay is not the way!" (about as catchy as, "Herpies: A special, hurtful hug for your crotch!") and sings songs (I can only assume what this one is: *to the tune of little star* Sicko freaky little queer, straight towards you, my car Ill steer.) I have a special message to all protestors:


A person wants to marry someone of the same sex. Big flippin deal.  You sticking your nose up (assuming you can get your head that far out of your ass) doesnt mean shit.  So you dont like it. you dont see them protesting straight marriage.  My question: What do you think makes you the authority on whats right and wrong? You think that you being an expert on religion does? well guess what: I have a message from God. He says, "Thou shalt shut your bitch-ass mouth."

Anyone who protest someone else because they have a different lifestyle is a commy.  As long as they arent hitting on you, shut your mouth. If I find you in public, Ill beat your ass.  Just shove your head back up your crap hole and move on

-- Zeratul


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