Entry: My little brother strikes again 12.4.2003

My new organization....

*looks up from newspaper*

Oh hi. I'm Anthony Snow, founder of the Anthony Snow Center for Moronic Actions. Let me show you around.

Here at CMA, we go to great lengths to ensure that morons get the proper treatment they deserve. That's why

We have many exciting programs to help out the people who have what we call "The Stupid." Classes such as "Shape and Color Recognition," "How to Cross the Road," and "Reading: YOU'RE HOLDING THE BOOK UPSIDE DOWN, MORON!" have helped over one million people worldwide. Lets here what some people have said about our program:

"Its great. I was in the special ed class at school, but thanks to CMA, I graduated at the bottom of my class!"
           - George Bush

So come on by.  We just might have a place for you*

*Probably not. Just die*



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