Entry: just some thoughts 3.24.2004


just 9 weeks left and the seniors of the Class of 2004 are ready to go. I myself and getting ready. I sent in my application to NMMI (New Mexico Military Institute) and am waiting on an acceptance/rejection letter from them. I would really love to go to that school so that I can make the best of my life. It is a 2 year school and then i don't know where i will be going from there. i want to travel to some place i have never been to before. some place nice unlike anywhere i have ever imagined. i am getting nervous that i will not get into this school or that i will mess up and not graduate high school on time. lucky for me i have great friends to keep me going. i am going to miss my friends once graduation comes. i will most likley not see any of them again, no matter how many times i say that i will come and visit. the thing about that is that i want to have this great life and to get it i have to work very hard. i will have almost no time to mess around. once i get to where i want to be who knows where all of you will be? i would really like it though if people stayed in touch with me. i want to forget the time i spent in el paso but not the people i spent it with. i just want my friends to know that i am going to miss them and that even though i may be busy if they ever need me i will be there. no matter how far away i am i can always pick up a phone. i hope that after my two years at this school i can meet up with some friends at what ever school i end up at. like i said before i want to travel, thats part of the reason that i joined the army. to travel. to take me to places that i have never been. i also joined the army because those of you who know me know that i can be smart and even productive if put in a place with people that stay on me all the time. the only twist is i am going to be a leader in the army. i am going to be the one pushing other people to do there best, reaching out for other soldiers when they think that the world has given up on them. speaking of military, i met someone today that made me very mad. he was this angry man who was trashing the US government. he was telling people that the government was doing nothing for us and that we should all just ignore anything that the government tells us. he was going on about how the military is only in Iraq just to kill. i wanted to go up to him and beat the shit out of him. maybe that would have shown him what life in this country would be like if we did not have the military, or a government protecting us. and at the same time i wanted to tell him that i could not hit him because it is me, along with other people, are the ones that fight to protect that very right to talk trash. some people just don't understand what the military is all about. we do not join the military because it pays great. in fact that could never be a reason because we do not get paid enough to die. i don't know what reasons other join the military but the reason i joined was to protect my country, to defend my family, and most importantly to protect the right for others to go out and do what they want to do with their life. i just get down sometimes when people don't stop to think about the blood that is shed for them every day/week/month/year. people... just remember that there are people who still believe in this country and its people. I DO! and i'll die fighting for this country if thats what it takes for her to survive.


March 25, 2004   07:52 AM PST
Even though we don't speak as much anymore, I will always remember all the good times we've had over the past years that I've known you. You have brought joy to my life and a friendship that I will forever cherish. I remember the very first day I saw you, a skinny little kid with a bowl hair cut, and the ability to make just about anybody laugh, including mrs. paulson. Since that first day that I saw you 5 years ago, you have grown into one of the most respectable men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It is a true honor to know that I will have someone like you protecting me when the very way of life I know is being threatened. You will always be in my heart, as one of the most beautiful and charismatic people I know. Your courage and lust for life, have always, and will always inspire me. I know you can and will have the life you are working so hard for, you deserve the very best, and I will be here through letters, phone calls, and visits to share as much of it with you as possible. Thank you Michael for 5 wonderful years of friendship and memories, may we be able to create and share more memories throughout our lives.

With all my blessings and thanks,


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