Entry: On the road 3.26.2004

tomorrow i am going to AZ for the weekend. some party for one of my dad's relatives. it should be a productive weekend for me because i hope to get some school work done (yes i know i said school work). i also hope to get a chance to drive around down there for a little bit. i still have not heard back from NMMI yet but then again i only sent in the final paper work yesterday. i found out that i am getting promoted to E-4 before i leave this summer. well for those of you who do not know what the hell that means, it means that i get more money in the army and are one more rank higher. i am ver happy that this will be happening. i do not think anyone even reads this. hummmmmm well thats okay because it gives me a place to vent. i am going on a tour of NMMI on thursday april 9 2004. that makes me happy because i will get to see what life will be like for me if i get accepted. i want to view the living area and of course the educational facilites. i am glad it is only a 2 year school because the female to male ratio really bites. i hope to be able to play varsity baseball when i am down there at school. i would like nothing more than to get back into playing baseball and even be on a great team. who knows i may even get a baseball scholarship in my last 2 years of school. that would be fantastic. well i guess i am going to go get read to go to work right now because i have nothing better to do and it is almost that time. well peace for now and i'll be back on sunday night.




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